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 Fayn for Trading Company is one of the most important companies that enjoys expertise in the field of commercial kitchens in Egypt. We are specialized in commercial Kitchens, Bakery and Laundry equipment . We also provide installation and spare parts to the equipment we sell and have designing department for a complete layout of kitchen, bakery & laundry according to the size and capacity available . We have gained this experience throughout the long period in which our president has worked in this field since 1989 . Fayn for Trading is working to provide great facilities for today, covers all the needs of commercial kitchens, Bakery and laundry equipment to our valued customers with the highest quality and best prices


We provide after sales services that includes maintenance and spare parts for kitchens and laundries. Our experienced qualified engineers are in charge of designs, installation, testing and commissioning and after sales services. Managers and engineers are updated frequently by attending conferences, training seminars, visiting manufacturers and getting introduced to the latest technological advances in the industry.


Requests for spare parts & maintenance are received at our offices:

Tel : + 202 - 27020452
: + 202 - 25186899
Fax : + 202 - 27044495
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